Media and Bylines

Sometimes I write bylines or work I do gets coverage. It’s pretty cool. 2021 was a big year for me, but it’ll never beat waking up to find out from Vice that I had to build a website to help hunt for UFOs.


The Path Forward for Zero Trust Frameworks How Biden’s National Security Memo Bolsters US Cybersecurity

Upstream: The Software Supply Chain Security Podcast Episode 2

Log4j Highlights the Need for a Software Bill of Materials; Here’s How to Create One, byline for Tech Decisions

Why your organization needs a Software Bill of Materials, byline for VentureBeat


On Defense-In-Depth, Security Magazine

pull quote for insideBIGDATA

Lacework testimonial/interview

How Kubernetes Could Transform DoD’s Satellite Fleet, GovLoop

DevSecOps in space: the challenges of updating satellites on-orbit, Computing UK

Kubernetes in Space: Bringing DevOps to Satellites, ZDNet

theCUBE interview

Hypergiant and SUSE RGS, taking Kubernetes to the final frontier, SUSE

As Business Evolves, Cyber Defense Competition Evolves With It, Kennesaw State University

Hypergiant: Putting Managed Compute Power in Space with K3s, SUSE


Air Force Readies Launch of In-Orbit Network to Support AI Applications in Space, Wall Street Journal

Hypergiant Releases AI-Powered Satellite Mission Management Platform, Satellite Today

HIVE satellie fleet, Axios

This Company Will Point Satellites at Earth and Use them to Look for UFOs, Vice. This sounds like a joke but I swear it isn’t.


We Need Hackers Now More Than Ever, BSides Orlando


No Chatbotz, Pls: Writing Targeted Challenge Statements for Hackathons, SXSW